Marcus Jones

Marcus is Lead and Founding Pastor of Center Church. He is a speaker, musician and author of books including: HOLDING HANDS WITH GRACE, and relationship resources including, STAYING MARRIED and THE FIVE-MINUTE MARRIAGE MENTOR: The Pocket-Guide to Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage. More on the writing and ministry of Marcus Jones at MarcusJonesDirect.com

Jen Jones

Jen, along with her husband Marcus, are Lead Pastors of Center Church. She is a gifted speaker, leader and author of books including: THRIVE: Growing Through Life’s Greatest Challenges, THE FIVE-MINUTE MARRIAGE MENTOR and TRIBE:Discovering the Values That Build Your Family. She leads as the Pastor-At-Large of Center Church. Jen’s blog, books and other video devotional materials are available at JenJonesDirect.com

Pete Campbell

Pete is the Associate Pastor of Center Church, overseeing Worship and Guest Services Ministries. He is a gifted musician and graphic artist. A native of Hawaii, Pete and his wife Sarah, have two kids.

Ronnie Belarmino

Ronnie is longtime business entrepreneur and leader in systems development and administration. He oversees the ministries of Stewardship, Assimilation and Tech Operations. He also serves as the Treasurer of the Center Church Board of Elders.

Josh Pascua

Josh oversees all things Center Students, is one of the worship leaders at Center Church, and also serves as one of the teaching leaders.

Brianna Hertzberg

Brianna is a long-time professional musician and one of the worship leaders at Center Church.