RESTORE: SD High School

Center Church is partnering with local and national organizations in an event serving our local downtown High School, San Diego High. “Healthy Habits For All” is a philanthropic initiative designed to advance the mission of bringing healthy habits to even more people. Together, we can give kids and families the ability to transform their health and wellness, as well as making an immediate impact for the good on the San Diego High School campus.

Participate in a variety of activities that will inspire healthy motion for the students at San Diego High School, including upgrading the school’s gymnasium and beautifying the outdoor area. Light refreshments will be served.

Volunteer spots are limited, and you MUST register with our partner organization, OPTAVIA, in order to attend and serve. Registration is FREE. Secure your spot HERE.

San Diego High School is located on the southern edge of Balboa Park, next to San Diego City College. It is the oldest high school in the San Diego Unified School District, one of the oldest schools in all of California, and the oldest school still on its original sight.