Once you’ve decided to BELONG, step two is GROW. Find out how to build a solid life on a firm foundation of faith. In GROW, we unpack the healthy habits and practical tools you can begin incorporating to live a life that is healthy and growing.

In this hands-on, humorous class, you will discover how to actually begin to grow in God’s Word, learn to communicate with Him in prayer and establish a daily, life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ. You’ll discover life—only deeper.

Register now for GROW Events in 2015 by clicking the dates below:

March 15 (Sunday, 12:00 PM)

May 31 (Sunday, 12:00 PM)

October 11 (Sunday, 12:00 PM)


**Take it one layer deeper by registering for a FOUNDATIONS Group, which goes into even greater detail about the essential foundations of Christian faith.

Register now for FOUNDATIONS in 2015 by clicking the dates below:

June 7 (Sunday, 12:00 PM)

October 18 (Sunday, 12:00 PM)