Four Cores


The central, essential need of every human life is to be connected to a relationship with God. We believe that when we encounter a genuine relationship with Him, our lives are forever changed—and always for the better.

God loves people—He loves you. He went to most incredible lengths to prove it to you. What you’ll experience at Center Church is a group of people that have put Jesus at the very center of their lives. Life is radically new in Christ, not because we worked extra hard to get our acts together, but because the grace of God has forgiven us and given us something enormous and exhilarating to live for.

You’ll probably hear someone say this when you come: “Everyone’s welcome. Nobody’s perfect. Anything’s possible.”

Details about our services can be found HERE.


Friendships are huge! Every person we’ve ever come across needs community. That’s why we help connect people not only to God and to the City, but to friendships within that community.

Dad_Kid_FaceFriendships are built in multiple ways at Center Church, including groups, service teams and more. We believe we are the strongest when we lean on one another. We believe every human being was made for community.

And Center Church isn’t just an adult thing. We value kids and youth in a huge way. We believe it’s essential to help young people establish great and godly friendships throughout their lives. So we start early valuing community.

Ask about how you can jump in to a group HERE.

Homeless_Female_CartServing San Diego means standing up for justice and extending mercy to the people of the city. That takes lots of forms, but in short, it means offering a caring hand to people in need. It means cooperating with proven organizations to reach out to children and youth at risk–and families in need. It means doing something tangible about issues like homelessness, hunger, poverty and human trafficking. It means addressing the symptoms AND tackling the disease and dysfunction behind them.

Love your neighbor. Serve your city. Find out how HERE.

MercadoWhether you’re a manager or a mom, a doctor or a ditch-digger, a bookkeeper or a barista, your mission involves making a difference where you live and work.

You don’t have to move half way around the globe to begin positively impacting your world. Begin blooming right where you’re already planted.

Check out one of the ways we impact our culture at Center Church HERE.