We are all about loving God and serving the city He loves. That means being intentional about loving people and serving where San Diego needs it the most. We host regular RESTORE Events, where Center Church volunteers mobilize to tackle a project in our community. Sometimes that takes the form of service to a community school. Sometimes it means giving to meet the needs of San Diego’s homeless community or youth at risk. Whatever the project, we do it together. Love God; serve the city. That’s just what we do here.

There are large-format RESTORE Events several times a year, involving over 100 volunteers per project. In addition, Micro-projects (for smaller groups of volunteers: 1-20)  happen all throughout the week.

We work in large and small groups to serve as many people as we can. We often work with particular organizations who are doing an incredible job in their areas of expertise. You can learn more and be a part of future RESTORE Events by clicking here.